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Decen, a scalable virtualcurrency with zero transaction fees

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Due its centralized servers decen and is able to scale to a high number of transactions.

No Fees

An account or making transactions don't cost anything. Costs are paid by the members of the Association.


Decen decentralizes governance, access to github, access to domain name, and IT servers.

High Security

No more lost password, hacks, and your coins can be secured using 2FA.


How does it work?
Decen uses a centralized IT platform, but decentralizes the governance, the access to the platform and access to the github.
How are decisions made?
The members of the project are te final decision makers. They elect administrators for doing the IT work.
How can it be completely free?
The infrastructure is funded by the members of the project.
What do members have to gain?
They gain a voting right in the project to take decisions on features, on who has access to github or the infrastructure, or on what will be the monetary supply.
What is the supply ?
The supply is of 1000 000 000 DNC tokens. It can only be changed by a vote of 66% of members
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Become a member

Members 100% decide where the project is going. Their vote decides who is administrator, who manages the github, domain name or IT servers. The membership fee is $11.99 per month. Your contribution will go 100% to financing the project.